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Wellbeing - Vasectomy Service

15th November 2017

In many parts of the UK, you may no longer be able to have a Vasectomy via the NHS. 

Wellbeing offers a range of personalised and flexible healthcare services including no-scalpel Vasectomy.

Our highly skilled doctors use the no-scalpel method of vasectomy which offers a quick, reliable and easy method of permanent contraception. The no-scalpel method involves less discomfort, no stitches and faster recovery than the traditional method. The procedure itself takes 10-20 minutes and you will typically only be at the clinic for about an hour.   For more information or to book an appointment visit  Wellbeing Vasectomy Service

Other services offered by Wellbeing include the following:


    Ear Care. 

    Occupational Therapy



    Speech & Language Therapy

Full details can be found at Provide Wellbeing 




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